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Leia is available to teach these workshops to yoga teachers with a minimum 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher training certificate. She can also bring this continuing education to you and is availble to studio and schools of yoga who would like to offer these continuing education courses to their teachers or students. 

Never stop learning. That is a thirst that cannot be quenched.

If you are registered with Yoga Alliance, learn more about how continuing education workshops count toward required Continuing Education units. In order to maintain your registration with Yoga Alliance and use the RYT or E-RYT registry marks, you must renew your registration on an annual basis. Yoga Alliance also requires that you submit continuing education hours every three years to maintain your registration and continue to develop your yoga knowledge and teaching skills.

"Teacher Tuneups" 

These workshops can be submitted toward your required continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.

  • Not All Backbends Are Created Equal! A backbend is not a backbend, is not a backbend. Are you prepping "all" of your backbend classes with just any old backbend? For a more integrated, safe approach to backbends we will look at how your shoulders and stretch of your hip flexors have EVERYTHING to do with your student achieving "success" in their backbend practice. 
  • Cueing that "lands": It's time to tuneup the tongue! Are you noticing that your verbal adjustment cues just don't seem to be "landing" on your students? Do you find that your students require hands on assists in order to make the adjustment you are verbally cueing? In this class we will discuss ways in which you as a teacher can effectively adjust your students via your voice rather than your hands.  
  • Let's Get Hippie! Have you ever cringed at one of the most over-used sayings in yoga "today we're going to open our hips". If you are an anatomy nut then you know that "opening" our hips is really not a correct statement. Unlike our jaw, our hips actually rotate with the help of our nifty ball and socket synovial joint!  The ball is the femoral head, and the socket is the acetabulum. So why do we focus so much on external rotation (what most teachers mean when they say open the hip) of our hips? What about 
  • Hamstring Stretching, One pelvic tilt at a time.

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Continuing Education Workshops with Leia
Refine your practice, evolve your teachings and earn CE units.