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What the Firekeeper can do for your business

  • Content Creation 
  • Consistency & Engagement! Daily posting. Answering Questions. Liking. Commenting. 
  • Hashtag creation for niche audiences & monitoring
  • Off page communication (communicating with other pages & people)
  • Analytical based reporting
  • Education (learn to do it correctly yourself!)
  • Target based advertising (geographic, demographic)
  • Marketing team collaboration. All players must be communicating on a consistent basis (website, videographer, graphic designer, manager).
  • Always testing! Whether it be content, times/days for posts or ads is is essential to be constantly checking to see that what I am doing is landing with your target audience. Social media is an ever changing landscape and it is my job to be on top of fluctuations and change things up in response. 
  • Real person! Using a third party social media automation can feel robotic. â€‹Successful social media marketing is all about communication and interaction with your community.  

The above quote is there because it represents how I feel when potential clients communicate nervousness, anxiety or even anger about the possibility of their business receiving "bad" reviews or comments. They often say that they don't want to put themselves out there for that possibility. They will delete anything negative said about them. They will go so far as to delete an account (like Trip Advisor) and set up a new one in order to remove that "bad" review from being associated with their business. 

I disagree.

Social media gives us an opportunity to communicate two way with our clients, customers and with our potential demographic. Gone are the days of simply "top of mind awareness" the old marketing style of run an ad on the top right hand corner of a page and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. 

Consumers now want to see all sides of a business. Consumers love snapshots and glimpses into a business. They want to read reviews (good and bad) and they are watching to see exactly how a business responds. They want to see that others in the marketplace (including their competitors) respect their brand. They care about ethics. They want to KNOW a brand.

I chose the name Firekeeper because that is how I see my role in marketing your business. I will be there to stoke, add to, fan and tend. 

My experience

I graduated from Western State Colorado University in 2000 with a BA in English. At Western I was president of the English Club (Wordhorde) and had the opportunity to be a TA for English professor Dr. Jane Berard and assist with research for a book she was writing. Before I began my own business as a Social Media Marketer, I was the marketing director for the Gunnison Crested Butte Tourism Association and before that I was the advertising director for the Gunnison Country Times newspaper. I have been a consultant for the Colorado Small Business Development Center since 2016 and have consulted many clients for this office, in the realm of social media. My client base is broad ranging from large destination marketing organizations, local events, national event marketing organizations, service industry businesses and E-Commerce sites.

leia morrison