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I can hardly believe that one year has gone by since I enrolled as a coach and online mentor. I remember watching my own coach on social media for months before I signed up. I knew her on a casual level, she lived a town away from mine.  As the months went on, I began to notice that her posts were transforming... I saw this fun, funky entrepreneur who was living in a camper in California for the winter begin to share her fitness and wellness publicly. Not only did I see her transform physically as she shared her journey, I saw her begin to shine brighter. This may sound cheesy but seriously, her skin, her eyes, her voice and her spirit radiated positivity, invitation and change. As a women who has been on a life long quest to feel comfortable in her skin, and has been teaching yoga for a VERY long time, has trained yoga teachers, has invested in a personal trainer and has done my time as a "gym rat" I was immediately intrigued. What was this secret that she had discovered?  So, I watched and I waited. Looking back, I really waited too long. Finally the timing was just "right" and one day I reached out and said, "Whatever you're doing just sign me up". I didn't ask a million questions, I didn't balk over the minimal investment. I just wanted my own transformation. I was so sick and tired of feeling like "this is it". You've done all you can do and THIS is what you are just stuck with at 41.  So I made myself trainable. I did exactly what she said. I signed up as a "coach" although I had no intention of EVER signing up anyone EVER. I embarked on my first 30 day support challenge and suddenly I was part of a team. I had support. I had cheerleaders. I had people that I had never met in my life sending me sweet messages and bolstering me up when I had an "off" day. We were empowering one another like you wouldn't believe. I've been part of groups. I've been part of self-proclaimed "tribes" but what has failed each and every time is the ability for everyone to truly feel that they are rising together. In the past competition creeps into a group every single time. Someone or some group have always had to get the upper hand whether it be in the form of notoriety or financial gain. In the process of their rise, others get pushed below. That is just simply not the case in this group.  It is comical to put myself where I was one year ago and think that the decision to join an online accountability group would completely reshape my life, my priorities, my career and my families prospects for the future.


No Excuses. Just Results.
1. Online Fitness program

2. Online accountability crew
3. Some equipment included
4. Nutrition plan included
5. Access to me!
6. Workout at home, on your own time.
7. Guide Book 
8. Get Stronger. Get Faster. Get Leaner. All while taking the guess work out.

9. Tap into the power that is there. Believe in yourself!

10. Finally SAY YES to yourself.

Even though we have completely independent businesses, we work together on the same fitness team, coach women on their health and fitness nationwide, and train others how to open successful online fitness businesses the way we have. We train others to do what we are doing so that they can be successful too by hosting trainings and have many graduates of our trainings running full time thriving 5 and 6 figure businesses. We mastermind as a team, use the same tools, resources, supplements, the same meal plans, and do our continuing education and trainings together so we can continue to learn from each other and from the top experts in our industry. We may lives miles, states or countries apart but we are connected through the power of our WHY and that is to help as many people as possible not onto in their health and wellness journal but also with their business as a coach. The photo above is from our team summit this year. This is my team! I had only met 2 of the people in this photo before that weekend and now I talk to several of them every single day!

I had no idea that the extra accountability and drive that I signed up for would open such a huge door to financial freedom and travel. By helping others achieve their goals I am rewarded for my efforts through weekly paycheck, quarterly bonuses as well as amazing travel. My husband and I will be headed on a Caribbean cruise this February on a success club trip. Again, this is just a reward from the company for doing what I love, helping people and help them navigate the realm of health and wellness. I have never worked for any other company that rewards you in such a way just for showing up and doing what you know in your heart you were placed on this earth to do. The icing on the cake is that for all of us coaches, we would do this work even if we weren't paid. sharing the tools needed for others to reach optimal wellness is not a job it is a mission. 

DISCLAIMER: For me, yoga has nothing to do with working out. So this page is all about what I do to address my fitness needs. These are two different worlds so let's not confuse them!



Not ready to become a coach?

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Your Program Comes With:
* a complete digital library of streaming/on demand workouts, yoga, and full fitness programs for all levels
* a private invitation to be in my exclusive online member supported community
* access to me as your personal fitness and wellness coach
* exclusive members only access to my ebooks, videos, and recipes
* a supportive and inspiring community 
* a space of daily accountability
* an opportunity to join the team
*a customizable meal plan (customized for plant based/vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, pescetarian, dairy-free, grain-free, etc)
* access to stream workouts to your handheld apple device, apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Chromecast
*30 day money back results guarantee

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* Coaching is perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape with a community of others to heighten their accountability, make friends, stay motivated, or expand their market with an online fitness career.  Especially beneficial for fitness professionals, group fitness teachers, personal trainers, or those who have completed a fitness or health certification.

Fitness Blog

I am super excited about a new program that is launching July 16th. It is a four day a week program that focuses on high intensity interval training and basic weight lifting. Four day a week just sounds PERFECT right now! New people are joining my little Solshine Tribe every week and I couldn't be more excited to help them on their wellness journey. This new program also has a super simple nutrition component, also great for a busy summer! You can do a sample workout HERE to see what it is all about. 


So many trips and activities this month! I did a 21 Day Challenge with my group that was awesome! Had a few new people join in with me and they had amazing results! Summer is challenging for me because of the kids travel schedule for sports so I'm having to really buckle down on food prep. I go live in my group about once a week to talk about food prep and how that is the KEY to success for business schedules. 


It's summer! So we all want to be outside and I am NO DIFFERENT than you! But what I have discovered over the past 10 months is that in order to continue to see results and continue to move towards my goals I need consistent, daily workouts IN ADDITION to my hikes, mountain bike rides and trail runs. So, what I"m up to this summer is dialing in my nutrition with a new mindset program, track my food and supplement my outdoor pursuits with 30 minutes of workouts each day. 

My summer goals around my business include more interaction with my challengers and most important supporting my coaches. 

April 2018

Well the 80 Day challenge was AMAZING! I lost 16 inches, 14 pounds and I am FOR SURE stronger and have better endurance. I recommend this challenge for those of you who already have a strong "base" of fitness and are looking to really fine tune your nutrition and change up your workout routine.

What now?

I'm participating in a 30 Day challenge group with some others in our Sol Unleashed Wellness Group which consists of HITT workouts, plyometrics, yoga and more. 

I have a FREE Clean Eating Group beginning April 31st so if you want to join, let me know! It will be a 5 day nutrition and home fitness support group. 

February 2018
I just finished week 1 of Phase 2 of the 80 Day Obsession, I'm sore but happy and experiencing some serious transformations! Honestly, I can't say that the "no drinking alcohol" resolution has not come to fruition. At first I beat myself up about it but then after reaching out to my Sol Wellness Unleashed team I have decided to be softer on myself and not get hung up on perfection and instead work on sticking to it the majority of the time. I've been traveling A TON for kid activities so sticking to the timed nutrition while on the go has also been a challenge. What I've learned from all of this is that being prepared IS A MUST. Whether it be my food (packing up healthy snacks) or being prepared for a really bad gym (with 80 Day I can travel with my very mobile resistance loops and sliders). What I'm motivated for this month is growing my team with more coaches. It was signing up for a coach that made the difference for me. I showed up every single day. After being a part of this team, doing the workouts, keeping myself accountable and following the nutrition advice I decided that EVERY single person deserves a healthier life so why wouldn't I share this opportunity. On a financial level, I have seen the success my coach and my up-line coaches are having (up line coaches are making 6 figures a year) and because I live in a small mountain community with a very LOW average income I decided that I could make this a viable business that would help my family. Here's how my financial view of this coaching opportunity has evolved:

July 2017 - began the program, signed up as a coach for the discount. I signed up a couple friends to do this with me so that we could help keep each other accountable.
October 2017 - why am I not sharing this with everyone I know? It works, I believe in it and everyone deserves this! I started inviting more people. They signed up. I got all my monthly supplements paid for. BTW, I can't imagine NOT doing this with the supplements.
December 2017 - This team is all about "stronger together" mentality which makes it an incredible environment for me. My up line coaches are making an actual LIVING from their coaching. I made my first $500 this month.
February 2018 - This is a viable income generator. I am going all in. This company believes in me. I want to travel with my fellow coaches. I want to be on the next success club trip. I just signed up for the annual conference in June. I am all in and I am psyched to not only share this wonderful opportunity that does ONLY GOOD and I will become more financially secure. My coaching business is helping my family pay off long standing debt and opening so many doors for opportunity! Whether you want a little extra income or a lot of extra income it is up to you. Click "Join My Team" below to receive more information on how you also become a coach and earn some extra money!

January 2018

80 Days of Daily workouts, timed macro nutrition and serious accountability started today. I need it. I have been slacking a bit in the nutrition department (okay... a lot) since Thanksgiving and boy can I see the difference. I have vowed NOT TO DRINK any alcohol for the next 80 days... I am embarrased to say that this is probably the most daunting part of this whole program. I live in the mountains... it is winter... we hunker and we have a cocktail. But I know this is just a habit. A habit that I can break and a habit that is NOT in my best interest. So I'm excited. I'm a little scared and yes I'm already sore after my first workout today! Wish me luck. 

December 2017

I am in a challenge group that is completing 21 days of fitness & nutrition. I LOVE the new participants in this group. Lots of new moms and folks that require modification, which as a yoga teacher presents me with a challenge... something I enjoy. So, we are basing our 21 days off of a certain program but I am also giving them daily motivations, affirmations and also asking all participants to change up their morning routines by getting up 30 minutes earlier and making their morning practice more mindful. This is something that I have been doing for a few months and it has been an absolute GAME CHANGER. My next adventure will be 80 Day Obsession which begins mid-January! 

November 2017

Just finishing up a great Winter Conditioning Group (we actually ended up doing 2 Rounds) with lots of leg centric workouts as well as a good amount of core. Next up is a 21 Day Holiday Challenge. It begins this Monday December 4th and will run until Christmas Eve! If the holidays usually "bog you down" with bad eating, the stress of over committing and perhaps travel... do not fear a solution is here!

This plan can be done ANYWHERE at any time of the day or night so the excuse of travel is no longer an excuse... sorry! Fill out the form to your left if you'd like to join us. 

October 2017 

I just finished up 21 Day Fix Extreme and that was NO JOKE! Love the results. I felt so much stronger week 2 and then SOOOO much stronger week 3. As she says, the workouts aren't getting easier... you're just getting stronger! Today I began day 1 of a 21 day Winter Sports Challenge. Getting those legs ready for the slopes next month!

August 2017

In love to Autumn's 21 Day Fix. What a revolutionary yet approachable way to look at your daily fitness habits and tackle the misty realm of nutrition. The modifications make it really great for everyone. 

July 2017 I'm in LOVE with Chris Downing's Shift Shop right now. It's unlike any workout that I've ever attempted. It reminds me of drills that you see football players doing at practice. I'm seeing the biggest results in my legs and my upper body. I'm quite wide in the chest area from years of swimming and above average... well boobs. It's an area that I've been really self conscious about for years because being heavy up top makes me look heavy all around... and I've been accused (no joke) of being a bouncer before, so yeah you get what I'm saying!

The reason that I love Shift Shop is because it combines very doable daily workouts with a smart, easy to follow nutrition plan. Basically I'm eating smaller portions and more whole foods (except I haven't been able to kick tortilla chips completely but now that I've put that out there, no more!). If you are interested in learning more about Shift Shop and would like to start on a 21 day challenge with me, check out the program, then send me an email at rockymountainyogini@gmail.com and lets get healthy together! 

October 16th

I have been committing a lot of time to my personal development lately. Not only do I consistently work out every single day and eat more consciously, I also have been digging deep into personal development. My newest favorite is the book Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. The idea of habits has become somewhat of an obsession. Isn't it interesting how easy it is to hold on to the negative ones and yet such a challenge to add the new, healthier ones? As a coach I can help you navigate this challenge!

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