December 2017

I am in a challenge group that is completing 21 days of fitness & nutrition. I LOVE the new participants in this group. Lots of new moms and folks that require modification, which as a yoga teacher presents me with a challenge... something I enjoy. So, we are basing our 21 days off of a certain program but I am also giving them daily motivations, affirmations and also asking all participants to change up their morning routines by getting up 30 minutes earlier and making their morning practice more mindful. This is something that I have been doing for a few months and it has been an absolute GAME CHANGER. My next adventure will be 80 Day Obsession which begins mid-January! 

I believe in approaching my health with a multi-prong attitude. After the age of 40 I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight and to fit in a regular exercise regimen that produced actual results.

I now find myself surrounded by a built-in community support system and I am now on my way to achieving my fitness goals. I would LOVE to talk to you about your fitness goals!

​Join my team!

2018 is here!

No Excuses. Just Results.
1. Online Fitness program

2. Online accountability crew
3. Some equipment included
4. Nutrition plan included
5. Access to me!
6. Workout at home, on your own time.
7. Guide Book 
8. Get Stronger. Get Faster. Get Leaner. All while taking the guess work out.

9. Tap into the power that is there. Believe in yourself!

10. Finally SAY YES to yourself.

January 2018

80 Days of Daily workouts, timed macro nutrition and serious accountability started today. I need it. I have been slacking a bit in the nutrition department (okay... a lot) since Thanksgiving and boy can I see the difference. I have vowed NOT TO DRINK any alcohol for the next 80 days... I am embarrased to say that this is probably the most daunting part of this whole program. I live in the mountains... it is winter... we hunker and we have a cocktail. But I know this is just a habit. A habit that I can break and a habit that is NOT in my best interest. So I'm excited. I'm a little scared and yes I'm already sore after my first workout today! Wish me luck. 

Who I'm looking for on my team:

  • Moms and Dads with busy schedules who want to be examples of health for their kids
  • Athletes looking to become leaner, faster and stronger
  • People who want to clean up their nutrition and eat healthier
  • Anyone trying to reach his or her next level of fitness.
  • Men or women who have struggled with weight gain and can't seem to move the needle in this department

DISCLAIMER: For me, yoga has nothing to do with working out. So this page is all about what I do for my fitness regimen. These are two different worlds so let's not confuse the two. 

Fitness Blog

November 2017

Just finishing up a great Winter Conditioning Group (we actually ended up doing 2 Rounds) with lots of leg centric workouts as well as a good amount of core. Next up is a 21 Day Holiday Challenge. It begins this Monday December 4th and will run until Christmas Eve! If the holidays usually "bog you down" with bad eating, the stress of over committing and perhaps travel... do not fear a solution is here!

This plan can be done ANYWHERE at any time of the day or night so the excuse of travel is no longer an excuse... sorry! Fill out the form to your left if you'd like to join us. 

October 2017 

I just finished up 21 Day Fix Extreme and that was NO JOKE! Love the results. I felt so much stronger week 2 and then SOOOO much stronger week 3. As she says, the workouts aren't getting easier... you're just getting stronger! Today I began day 1 of a 21 day Winter Sports Challenge. Getting those legs ready for the slopes next month!

August 2017

In love to Autumn's 21 Day Fix. What a revolutionary yet approachable way to look at your daily fitness habits and tackle the misty realm of nutrition. The modifications make it really great for everyone. 

July 2017 I'm in LOVE with Chris Downing's Shift Shop right now. It's unlike any workout that I've ever attempted. It reminds me of drills that you see football players doing at practice. I'm seeing the biggest results in my legs and my upper body. I'm quite wide in the chest area from years of swimming and above average... well boobs. It's an area that I've been really self conscious about for years because being heavy up top makes me look heavy all around... and I've been accused (no joke) of being a bouncer before, so yeah you get what I'm saying!

The reason that I love Shift Shop is because it combines very doable daily workouts with a smart, easy to follow nutrition plan. Basically I'm eating smaller portions and more whole foods (except I haven't been able to kick tortilla chips completely but now that I've put that out there, no more!). If you are interested in learning more about Shift Shop and would like to start on a 21 day challenge with me, check out the program, then send me an email at and lets get healthy together! 

October 16th

I have been committing a lot of time to my personal development lately. Not only do I consistently work out every single day and eat more consciously, I also have been digging deep into personal development. My newest favorite is the book Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. The idea of habits has become somewhat of an obsession. Isn't it interesting how easy it is to hold on to the negative ones and yet such a challenge to add the new, healthier ones? As a coach I can help you navigate this challenge!

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