Because setting yourself up for success, matters. 

Prep to Peak #2

​From a kneeling position lower yourself down and extend your left arm out in line with your shoulder. Press down into your right hand to aid in the rotation of your rib cage and shoulder. Keep the teist high up in the spine by keeping your pelvis at a neutral position. Hold and breathe, 5-10 breaths and switch sides. 

Prep to Peak #4

 Wide Legged Forward Bend Prasarita Padottanasana addresses the shoulders and hamstrings. .
You can also use a strap in your hands here (thumbs facing away from your body). Keep your quads engaged the entire time. As you slowly lower yourself forward maintain axial extension in your spine (don't let it round like in cat) . As you hold and breath see if your arms can find a little more distance from your back. 5-10 breaths. Watch out for that lazy tendency in your legs (Again, keep the front of your legs active). .

Prep To Peak Sequencing

Moving Towards Svarga Dvijasana

Another "prep to peak in pictures" for you.

This week our focus will be moving towards the peak asana Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana). This open hip standing balance with bind requires a lot of prep! Don't tread lightly into this one without doing some serious time getting your hamstrings, shoulders, back, good and core ready. .
Prep to Peak #1

On your back begin with some gentle bridge rolls and graduate into a bridge pose with your arms first parallel and then perhaps with your fingers interlaced. Your body weight should be distributed between your feet and shoulders (not your neck). Close your eyes and "watch with your minds eye every expansion and contraction as you breathe.

leia morrison